Governor Scott Walker on Hillary Clinton “Old, Tired”

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) has been making the rounds on the national media circuit after his convincing win over Democrat challenger Mary Burke. The race was supposed to be a toss up. Scott Walker was supposed to be fighting for his political life, but at the end of the day he won by almost 6 full points – a landslide in a purple state like Wisconsin. Now Governor Walker is considered one of the favorites for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2016 and he’s already begun taking shots at his would-be opponent, Hillary Clinton.

(Around 3:20)

“I think the biggest loser a week ago was Hillary Clinton. She embodies Washington. She embodies that old, tired top-down approach from the government. I think in the states as governors, we offer a much better alternative and I think there’s a number of us who would be good prospects out there.”


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Ouch. I like it.

He’s right, Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of the Washington establishment. She was First Lady in the White House, then somehow a Senator from New York… all of her so-called “experience” is Washington-centric.

This should be what Republicans all over the country are repeating day in, day out about Hillary Clinton… She is Old, She is Tired and She Represents the Same Old Broken Washington politics that we’ve ALL grown to hate.

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