Governor Rick Scott Is Looking Senatorial After the Parkland Shooting

Running against Bill Nelson for his Senate seat, Governor Rick Scott has grown his approval rating recently.

I may not like everything Governor Rick Scott is doing but

  1. He is doing something that is seen as responding to a tragedy, and
  2. He is not a Democrat who hates the Second Amendment.

As a result, public opinion in Florida has responded to him favorably.

Given the way Republicans are held responsible for all gun ownership in the country, it is telling that Bill Nelson did not get more support after the mass shooting.

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The Daily Caller reports, “Parkland Shooting Could Lift Rick Scott Over Incumbent Bill Nelson In 2018 FL Senate Race.

New polling following the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida indicates incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson is in serious jeopardy of losing his seat to Republican challenger Gov. Rick Scott in November.

According to Quinnipiac University, 46 percent of Floridians surveyed between February 23-26 would vote for Nelson, and 42 percent would vote for Scott, but the poll’s additional data points suggest the gap is closing in favor of Scott.

Most notably, Scott posted a net 49-40 percent approval rating. Not only does this mark an all-time high, but it is also the first positive approval rating Scott has scored in his two terms as governor, according to Quinnipiac’s figures.

Nelson currently holds a 48-34 percent approval rating.

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