Governor Bobby Jindal is Fighting to Defend Religious Liberty

The Governor of the great state of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal (R-LA), is a man of principle and intellect. He has also become one of America’s chief defender’s of religious liberty, and on Thursday he took to the pages of the New York Times to defend the 1st Amendment from liberal America. In an op-ed entitled “I’m Holding Firm Against Gay Marriage,” the Presidential hopeful outlines why he believes that America must protect religious liberty above all else.


From his op-ed:

“As the fight for religious liberty moves to Louisiana, I have a clear message for any corporation that contemplates bullying our state: Save your breath.

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If we, as conservatives, are to succeed in advancing the cause of freedom and free enterprise, the business community must stand shoulder to shoulder with those fighting for religious liberty. The left-wing ideologues who oppose religious freedom are the same ones who seek to tax and regulate businesses out of existence. The same people who think that profit making is vulgar believe that religiosity is folly. The fight against this misguided, government-dictating ideology is one fight, not two. Conservative leaders cannot sit idly by and allow large corporations to rip our coalition in half.

Bobby JindalConservatism faces many challenges in today’s America. Hollywood and the media elite are hostile to our values and they tip the scales to our liberal opponents at every opportunity. Yet the left has lost repeatedly in state elections all over America. Republicans control 31 governorships. We control nearly 70 percent of state legislative chambers, the highest proportion since at least 1900.

Liberals have decided that if they can’t win at the ballot box, they will win in the boardroom. It’s a deliberate strategy. And it’s time for corporate America to make a decision.

Those who believe in freedom must stick together: If it’s not freedom for all, it’s not freedom at all. This strategy requires populist social conservatives to ally with the business community on economic matters and corporate titans to side with social conservatives on cultural matters. This is the grand bargain that makes freedom’s defense possible.”
-Gov. Bobby Jindal



Bobby Jindal on Facebook:

I’m fighting for a new law in Louisiana to protect religious liberty. Companies have contacted me & asked me to oppose new religious liberty legislation. They’re free to voice their opinions, but they won’t deter me. The same people who think that profit making is vulgar believe that religiosity is folly. A pluralistic & diverse society can exist only if we all tolerate people who disagree with us. That’s why religious freedom laws matter.



Read the Rest of Governor Jindal’s Op-Ed at the New York Times

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