Government Wants to Empower Government MORE to Save Us from Guns

The school shooting was the result of massive government failure so naturally Congress wants to empower government.

In response to mass shootings, Republicans in Congress are rushing to empower government. But the Parkland school shooting would never have taken place if not for total government failure at every level. Why should they be rewarded with more power? If none of them followed the rules meant to protect us from murderers, why should we be restricted by them even more?

The Washington Times reports, “Congress returns with bipartisan plans for tougher gun control laws.

Congress appears to be settling on the outlines of consensus for action on stricter gun controls, with moves to strengthen the background check system and to restrict sales of bump stocks the most likely areas of bipartisan action.

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Moves to raise the age limit on sales of rifles will test the limits of the deal, though, and even Democratic leaders sounded doubtful about their ability to ban sales of military-style semi-automatic rifles.

President Trump’s suggestion to train and arm school faculty volunteers willing and adept enough to carry firearms is also meeting with stiff resistance. The president now says he would leave the decision up to states.

Congress returns to Washington after a weeklong vacation Monday to find the debate has only intensified since they left, just a day after the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting that has ignited the latest national battle over gun control.

Led by Mr. Trump, Republican leaders are looking to speed through legislation that would require federal agencies to report more criminal and other disqualifying records to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which screens all gun purchases from licensed dealers. That could have prevented the gunman in the Nov. 5 Texas church shooting — who faced discipline in the Air Force for domestic violence — from obtaining weapons.

Key Republicans also say they are willing to consider legislation to outlaw bump stocks, which are aftermarket add-ons that make semi-automatic rifles simulate the rate of fire of automatic rifles. One was used in the Oct. 1 Las Vegas massacre.

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