Government Forces Churches To Perform Gay Marriage

I don’t want to say I told you so… but I told you so.

The logical outcome of legislating gay marriage (making it legal or illegal) is that the church will be forced into involving itself in gay marriages. And I do mean FORCED.

Marriage has nothing to do with law. At least it shouldn’t. It’s a covenant, a promise, between a man and a woman and God. When we allowed the government into the proceedings… things got murky.

We’ve been watching over the last couple of years as gay couples have begun suing Christian businesses for refusing to take part in gay wedding ceremonies, and we’ve been surprised. Why? How could we be surprised by this? This has been the entire point of the whole exercise. The media and the gay fascist movement never cared about marriage “equality.” That was a sham. Gay couples have had legal recourse to enjoy the same privileges heterosexual married couples do for years! Perhaps there was a bit more paperwork involved, but it was far from difficult for a gay couple to have “equality.”

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Then the civil union movement swept through our state governments and made things even easier… and yet the gay community and the media acted as if there was still inequality. It was all a sham. A lie perpetrated by the fascist left.

The real point has always been power. To get power, the left had to win the culture, and to win the culture they had to marginalize conservatives… and they are succeeding.

The first case of a Western government forcing a church to act against its religious values has finally happened, as we said it must.

Denmark has just passed a law that will force churches to participate in gay wedding ceremonies.

gay marriageThe country’s parliament voted through the new law on same-sex marriage by a large majority, making it mandatory for all churches to conduct gay marriages…

Karsten Nissen, the Bishop of Viborg, who is refusing to carry out the ceremonies, has warned that the new law risks “splitting the church”.

If you think, “It can’t happen here,” you haven’t been paying attention my friend. Our close friend and allies in Britain may soon be with Denmark, forcing their churches to participate in something that is fundamentally opposed to the Bible’s teaching.

In Britain, churches can “opt-out” of being forced to conduct gay weddings. But the homosexual community isn’t happy with that… so they are suing to FORCE ALL CHURCHES to conduct gay ceremonies!

But homosexual couple Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow have set out to demolish that protection for churches because it stands in the way of their coveted church wedding.

“It upsets me because I want it so much—a big lavish ceremony, the whole works.”  The duo filed a lawsuit against the Church of England, demanding that the court compel all Anglican churches to conduct same-sex wedding ceremonies in their houses of worship. We’ve launched a challenge to the Government’s decision to allow some religious groups to opt out of marrying same-sex couples.”

Do you get the gravity of this? Do you understand what is happening?

They have the legal right to marry and churches who wish to participate in those ceremonies can do so… but now they want to force the churches who disagree with them to also participate!

Again, if you think this can’t happen in America… then you don’t understand where we get our legal traditions and our positions on liberty from. We learned it all from England… they have the same cultural, legal and moral traditions that we do. If it can happen there, of course it can happen here.


Dear readers, we are losing the battle for our liberties.

It’s about more than the anti-God nature of the gay marriage debate. It’s also about our nation turning from freedom to fascism.

The desires of some (the gay community) mean more than the rights of others (the Christian community). In Denmark, freedom of religion has just been abolished… legally… by the people. Do you get that?

If this happens in America, many of us will be forced into underground churches. Will we, like our Chinese brothers and sisters, be forced to practice our faith in the dark?

How are we letting this happen?

Why won’t our so called conservative Republican leaders help us stop the madness? Could it be that they aren’t as conservative as we thought? Could it be that the years of voting for the lesser of two evils is coming back to haunt us now? For every Ted Cruz and Rand Paul who will stand boldly for religious freedom, we have five or six politicians like John Boehner and Lindsey Graham who blow with the wind and only act in their own interests. We did that. We elected these double-minded, weak, so called “conservatives.”

It’s time to make up for those mistakes. We must stop supporting these yellow belly Republicans and demand that they start supporting us.

We cannot save our liberty with these people leading us.

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