Government Demands Christian Ministry Hire Non-Christians

Once people call on the government to create laws on who a business can hire and fire, you can expect agencies that govern the terms of hiring and firing to grow exponentially as political pressure is put on the government by special interest groups to be treated specially.

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice just ruled that transgenders cannot be discriminated against.

“Attorney General Holder announced today that the Department of Justice will take the position in litigation that the protection of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 extends to claims of discrimination based on an individual’s gender identity, including transgender status.”

There’s no way to stop this runaway train.

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Businesses should be allowed to hire and fire anybody they want for any reason. If a person doesn’t like the requirement a business sets for employment, that person can go elsewhere or start his or her own business and set different hiring regulations.

The move by the DOJ, “was met with some criticism. After the announcement, Peter Sprigg, senior director for policy studies of the Family Research Council, criticized Holder, saying that the original intent of the 1964 Civil Rights Act most certainly did not cover transgendered people. ‘Probably not one person thought they were passing a bill to protect men who wanted to become women or women who wanted to become men,’ Sprigg said.”

The same is true of the original intent of the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act). What was originally designed to stop “racketeering,” has been used to go after people who publicly opposed abortion.
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