Government Bans Creationism in Public Schools

While educators have no hope of proving the evolution creation mythology, it will now be taught as the only possible explanation for creation in UK schools. The United Kingdom has decided to forbid any mention of Creationism as a plausible theory for how the world came into being in their public schools. Apparently, it has been decided by the intellectuals in power that somehow the belief that Intelligent Design may be a possibility as an explanation for why all things exist is negatively affecting the education system.

Read the subtly ironic description of what the government in the United Kingdom is doing about this creationism “problem.”

As part of a “broad and balanced” education, British free schools will no longer be allowed to teach creationism as if it were fact. In future, its teaching will be confined to religious education classes, as long as it is not presented as a valid alternative to established scientific theory.

Let me translate.

creationismAs part of a “broad and balanced” education (we will be eliminating one theory that billions of people believe about the creation of the world – thereby making education “less broad”), British free schools (paid for at great expense by the British people – even those who are Creationists) will no longer be allowed to teach creationism as if it were fact. (Did any public school anywhere teach creationism as “fact”? Doubtful.) In future, its teaching will be confined to religious education classes (where we routinely mock and deride anyone who believes this religious crap), as long as it not presented as a valid alternative to established scientific theory (thereby rendering the “religious education class” worthless).

It’s imbecilic.

Neither theory of how the world began is provable in a lab. Both will remain theories until one can be observed (or God proves Creationists right). Shouldn’t any discussion about the creation of all things discuss the most agreed upon beliefs? There is no need to go with the Ancient Roman creation mythology, because no one believes that anymore. But to offer the perspective of a large portion of your citizens doesn’t seem wildly irrational – it seems reasonable. So teach evolution, but also teach the orthodox Christian perspective on creation, as the VAST majority of your citizens likely agree with it.

Teaching Intelligent Design as a plausible explanation for all things does not somehow make your students more stupid or less able to learn.

Many of our most brilliant scientists, mathematicians and philosophers throughout history have believed in the Christian creation explanation… and somehow they weren’t cretins.

Liberal mythology says that to teach anything other than the subscribed upon liberal orthodoxy will have negative effects upon society. (Watch Bill Nye say that Christians are holding back science – without explaining how the most Christian nation in the world has led scientific achievement for the last 100+ years.)

Shouldn’t society be reasonable enough, rational enough, strong enough to handle multiple beliefs on any number of issues? Shouldn’t we welcome diversity of opinion as a means to furthering intellectual debate, creativity and understanding? If we all believe exactly the same things… how could we possibly move forward? Who would be left to question the basic societal orthodoxies?

Far from seeking to further intellectual vistas, liberals are actually looking to crush debate and limit diversity. For the liberal, sameness and uniformity are paramount. Dissent has become heresy. Any drifting from the accepted liberal path is met with extreme prejudice.

The new liberal modus operandi is social fascism, and we should expect it to continue to spread its evil tendrils here in America as well…

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