Gov. Scott Walker Releases First Presidential Ad

After wowing the folks at the Iowa Freedom Summit this past week, Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) is taking the kid gloves off and jumping in to the Presidential primary season with both feet.

In what seems to be the first real advertisement by a likely 2016 Presidential candidate, Governor Walker’s camp has released a new video called “Our American Revival.” The ad highlights the reforms pushed by Walker in Wisconsin that have led to a renaissance of sorts for the purple Midwestern state. It also lays most of our nation’s problems squarely at the feet of our politicians in Washington, D.C. while also reminding us all that the answer to those problems is more FREEDOM.

This is exactly the kind of ad that will rev up the base for Walker. He highlights strong conservative positions on economic and foreign policy issues, and yet he’s not losing the establishment crowd in his red meat either. Walker is starting to build momentum and he could be a force to be reckoned with for the other GOP candidates.


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There is only one negative to the “Walker-momentum” that seems to be building this week… it’s early. I mean, REALLY, REALLY early. Maybe some candidates think it’s best to knock out your other opponents early, but if you remember back to 2012 there were a lot of “boomlets” along the nomination trail.

There were a couple of weeks when Herman Cain looked like the frontrunner. There were a couple of weeks when Newt Gingrich looked like he could be the guy. Rick Perry had his moment in the sun, before the horrible debate debacle. Michele Bachmann even had a second as the candidate dujour. But it was the guy who held steady that came out on top. Mitt Romney was able to withstand the last and most impressive “boomlet” of the GOP nomination run, Rick Santorum. Santorum was the last of the contenders to boom, and even he eventually succumbed to the never exciting, never booming Mitt Romney.

My point is – it doesn’t pay to peak early. Whatever boost Governor Walker gets from this burst in appreciation and notoriety, if he wants it to mean something, he needs to make sure it sticks and doesn’t fade out.

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