Brexit Betrayed? Fishermen, Nigel Farage Says So

Fishermen protested loudly in response to an action by Theresa May’s government that they regard as having betrayed Brexit.

The fishermen believe that Theresa May betrayed Brexit when she agreed to have fishermen obey EU law after Brexit happens.

Fishermen protested loudly in response to an action by Theresa May’s government that they regard as having betrayed Brexit. The reason why they voted for Brexit was to get out from under EU law. But the UK government has agreed that fisherment will continue to submit to EU law even after the date of Brexit!

The Express reports, “BREXIT BETRAYAL! Furious fishermen SET FIRE to EU flags in angry mass protest.

The group Fishing for Leave organised the protests making it clear they are against the Common Fisheries Policy which would remain in force if the Brexit Transition Deal goes ahead.

Around 200 boats arranged themselves in flotillas across the country, in ports including Newcastle, Hastings and Plymouth.

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In Kent, a flotilla of fishing boats circled off Whitstable beach for an hour before the boat on the shore was set alight […]

Fishing for Leave said in a statement: “Fishermen and fishing communities are enraged that the government has capitulated to Britain having to obey all EU law after Brexit.

“Fishermen fear the EU will be able to enforce ill-founded rules to cull the British fleet […].”

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Nigel Farage backed the fishermen:

The Express also reports, “‘It’s not just commercial fishing’ Farage exposes the scale of Brexit ‘DEATH SENTENCE.’

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage told listeners of his LBC radio show this morning that the scale of fishing betrayal goes beyond Britain’s commercial fisheries.

The Brexiteer MEP revealed that even British anglers are have been betrayed by the Brexit transition deal agreed with the EU.


Fishing for Leave, who organised the protest, previously staged a stunt on the River Thames outside the Houses of Parliament where they dumped over-quota haddock into the waters.

Mr Farage, who was present at that protest, told listeners that he will be joining the fishermen at the rally in Whitstable, Kent later this afternoon.

He explained: “It’s not just our commercial fishermen protesting, it’s our anglers too. Under Brussels rules, they cannot take a single bass home for tea.

“It’s an industry – both pleasure angling and commercial fishing – in serious decline.

“The Government has said that when we leave the EU on March 29 next year, nothing changes for at least 21 months.

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