The GOP Wave Looks More Certain than Ever

Michael Barone is one of the more respected political prognosticators in the game and he published a video yesterday expressing confidence that 2014 would indeed be a GOP Wave election – as compared to American elections throughout history.

Maybe GOP fans won’t get the 8 or 9 seats they are hoping to get, but 6 or 7 is still a BIG night.


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Rewind back five years: The Obama Democrats expected their major policies to be popular.

They expected that most voters would be grateful for the stimulus package, for Obamacare, for raising the tax rate on high earners. They aren’t.

Democrats expected that running for re-election they’d be running ads touting these genuine accomplishments. They aren’t. Instead you get personal attacks on Republican nominees and oldie-but-supposedly-goodie reprises of the “war on women” theme…

Early in the 2010 cycle, Barack Obama told an Arkansas House Democrat that he needn’t worry about voters because “you’ve got me.” Today all four Arkansas House seats are held by Republicans. Democratic Senate candidates in multiple states have been shunning Obama campaign appearances.

We’re watching a wave come in. We just can’t be sure how far it goes.


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