GOP Votes to Defund Obama’s Executive Orders – Somehow Passes Bill that Spends $400 Million More this Year than Last!

This is the problem isn’t it?

We are conservative voters who have sided with the GOP for more than a generation, and for more than a generation they have fed us meager scarps from their table. Since the Reagan years, the GOP have shared power with the Democrats and have had as much input to the state of our nation as the liberal party… and yet the government has continued to grow and bloat beyond our control.

And here we find ourselves again.

Yes, the Republicans did some good work keeping their promise to pass legislation that is designed to explicitly not fund President Obama’s Executive Orders. Good job.

moneyhatExcept that… even while not funding the President’s illegal Executive Order’s… somehow the Republican designed Appropriations Bill for 2015 spends $400 MILLION more than 2014!

Is this what happens when Republicans take control of the legislature? They actually spend more money than when they shared control with the Democrats?

Seriously, isn’t that disgusting?

Much thanks to legislators like Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) who unmasked this madness. Massie took to Facebook to tell his followers why he voted on the bill the way that he did.


From his Facebook Page:

HR 240


 I voted for the amendments to defund the President’s unconstitutional executive action on#immigration.

However, only Congress could craft a bill to defund the President’s executive action and end up with a bill that spends $400 million more this year than it did last year. Although I supported and voted for all of the amendments to countermand the President’s unconstitutional executive actions, I voted no on the underlying bill because Congress doesn’t need to increase spending.

Here’s how I voted:

Aderholt Amendment: Yes
Blackburn Amendment: Yes
DeSantis Amendment: Yes
Salmon Amendment: Yes
Schock Amendment: Yes

On Passage of H.R. 240 – Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act: No


Congressman Massie may catch some flack from other Republicans who are upset that he voted No on the Appropriations bill, but the fact is he made the conservative decision by refusing to fund a bloated and wasteful government.

The sad fact is that far too few of our legislators have the guts to stand on principle and vote against their party the way that Congressman Massie did. Because of their weakness, it’s very hard to have hope that we can fix things – even with a Republican legislature.

The GOP may be the lesser of two evils, but Budget Bills like this prove that the lesser of two evils… is still evil.

I’m disappointed in you GOP.

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