GOP to Fund Planned Parenthood, but not the Border Wall

A funding bill is due this Friday. If Congress can’t agree on one by midnight on April 28, the government will shut down, and the world will end.

The funding bill includes a provision that would allocate $1.4 billion as a downpayment on the construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall. Chuck Schumer called that a ‘last-minute poison pill.’ Pelosi called it ‘immoral, expensive, unwise.’

So, Trump is being advised to not take such a hardline approach to it. Be more flexible. Compromise. Take that provision out. We don’t need to be ‘shutting down’ the government over that, just to follow through on a campaign promise. Campaign promises are what get you elected. But once you’re in, it’s a different story.

At the same time, there doesn’t seem to be a provision in the bill that removes funding for Planned Parenthood, another of Trump’s campaign promises that he’s probably being advised to scrap. Terence Jeffrey writes:

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According to the Congressional Research Service, the Government Accountability Office determined that Planned Parenthood Federation of America affiliates received $400.56 million in Medicaid reimbursements in both federal and state dollars in 2012. Planned Parenthood affiliates, according to GAO, also spent $64.35 million in federal Title X funding in 2012.

When the House Republican leaders this year put together their weak and redistributionist reconciliation bill to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, it included language that would have denied Medicaid money to Planned Parenthood — for just one year. But it would not have denied Title X money to Planned Parenthood — because reconciliation bills do not deal with discretionary spending like that doled out under Title X.

When principled House conservatives opposed that Obamacare bill, the Republican leadership did not bring it up for a vote.

Now, Congress faces an April 28 deadline to pass a new government funding bill.

There is currently no talk that it will include language to prohibit funding of Planned Parenthood.

But there is talk that it will not include the language that President Trump has requested to provide $1.4 billion to begin his project to build “a great, great wall on our southern border.”

The Republican House can pass and send to the Republican Senate a bill that funds the border wall but not Planned Parenthood. Or they can pass one that funds Planned Parenthood but not the border wall.

The former course of action would fulfill the campaign promises that got their president elected. The latter would appease congressional Democrats and the liberal press.

So, which will it be?

So, what we’ll end up with is a bill that does not include any funding for the border wall (because that’s too divisive…no pun intended), and it keeps funding in place for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. Makes total sense.

Actually, it does make total sense. This is the ‘swamp’ that Trump campaigned on draining. But I think he may have underestimated it’s influence. It’s not so much the Democrats he should be concerned with. It’s those who buddy up with him who claim to be helping him do the right thing.

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