GOP Strategist on Trump’s Tax Returns: ‘Most Americans Really Don’t Care’ [VIDEO]

Republican strategist, CBS contributor, and public opinion expert Frank Luntz said that most Americans don’t really care about Trump’s tax returns.

I’d have to concur with him. After all, if it really was a concern, Trump would not have won the presidency. Trump was hammered by the Democrats and the media with the issue of releasing his tax returns during his campaign, and he never did. People still voted for him, and he still won.

When asked about Trump’s leaked 2005 tax return, Luntz said, “Well, I thought the 2016 election was over – I was grateful for that – and it’s back again.”

“And the one conclusion I’d offer is that most Americans really don’t care,” he said. “This was an issue that was debated in August, September, October of last year.”

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He continued, “We’re now two months into the new presidency, and they want to focus on the topics of the day. And they’re looking back – this is 12 years ago.”

“And the fact that it’s been brought forward, I think it’s just going to convince Trump people that the news media is out to get him,” he said.

When host Gayle King countered Luntz’s claim with the fact that there are protesters showing up at Republican events and voicing their concerns about Trump’s tax returns, Luntz explained that those aren’t your average, working Americans. They’re professional protesters.

At events that ordinarily bring a couple hundred, Luntz said crowds might push a couple thousand thanks to these paid provocateurs. As far as the average, working, voting American, they don’t care about Trump’s tax returns.

They also discussed the Republicans’ health care fight:

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