GOP Senator: Anyone Seeking Syrian Political Solution Involving Russia ‘Will be Called by the McCains of this World a Friend of Vladimir Putin’ [VIDEO]

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is right of course. We all know how Trump has been characterized by the media and political establishment for seeing nothing wrong with talking to Russia. They thought that was evidence that he was ‘colluding’ with Putin.

“Anybody who wants to talk to Putin about a political settlement and helping Assad go away, anybody who wants to talk about that, myself include, will be called by the McCains of this world a friend of Vladimir Putin,” Senator Paul said in an interview with CNN. “So, as long as we have that kind of stupidity involved in the debate it makes it very hard to get to what President Obama said and what many other thinking people said that the answer in Syria is ultimately a political solution.”

Now that the establishment has gotten what it wants, and Trump has attacked a Middle Eastern country which not only did nothing to the United States, but which lacks any capability of retaliating, any level of diplomacy with Syria’s ally Russia will be framed by the establishment as being ‘supportive’ of Putin.

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I really hope the Trump administration doesn’t fall for these stupid games. Who cares about media-generated optics? If there is a peaceful political solution to be reached among the U.S., Syria, and Russia, so what if the media gets angry and accuses Trump of being ‘friendly’ to Russia?

If the U.S. truly seeks peace in the Middle East, perhaps they should stop helping to fund and arm all the terrorist groups – either directly or indirectly through our Arab allies – that have flooded that region in recent years. Just a thought.

Of course, if they’re not truly interested in peace, then by all means continue supporting terrorist groups to further wreak havoc and destabilize Syria.

Understand that using heart-wrenching images and video of injured and dead children in order to get the U.S. involved in Syria is exactly like how they used heart-wrenching images and video of victims’ families of the Sandy Hook mass shooting to convince Americans that we needed strict gun control. Anytime someone brought up how that was an appeal to emotion to enact unconstitutional gun restrictions, the media pundits always resorted to the same talking point, “Why don’t you care about the children?!” and “You think we should just do nothing?!” As if more gun control laws would have prevented the mass shooting.

They’re doing the exact same thing with the Syria strike. It’s an appeal to emotion. It’s illogical and unconstitutional.

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