GOP Rep. Says Russia ‘Did What the Media Should Have Done’ [VIDEO]

Representative [score]Trent Franks[/score] (R-AZ) told an MSNBC anchor that if the information released was accurate, then Russia “did what the media should have done.”

But Rep. Franks – like many others – doesn’t necessarily believe the official narrative that Russia hacked into computer systems belonging to John Podesta and the DNC. That narrative has been accompanied by very little or no actual evidence. Americans are supposed to believe it, because it was told to us by our government – namely, the CIA. But no one’s offered any reason to believe the narrative, other than the fact that it’s been reported by several mainstream media outlets and newspapers.

Nevertheless, assuming the narrative is true for the sake of argument, then they did the dirty work for the media. Here’s what Franks said:

“The truth is, and I think that your own station sources would admit that most of what we’re talking about now is based on leaks. I’m all for doing what’s necessary to protect the election here. But there’s no suggestion that Russia hacked into our voting system or anything like that. They, if anything, whatever they might have done was to try to use information in a way that may have affected something that they believed was in their best interests.

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“But if the bottom line is if they succeeded — if Russia succeeded in giving the American people information that was accurate, then they merely did what the media should have done.”

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