The GOP Midterm Win was Bigger than You Realize

In 2009, James Carville, the Democrat’s “Ragin’ Cajun,” wrote 40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation. It was the heyday of liberal Democrat ascendancy

“A Democratic majority is emerging,” Carville declared. “This majority will guarantee that the Democrats remain in power for the next forty years.”

When it comes to politics, nothing is forever. We’re celebrating the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Let’s not forget the collapse of the Iron Curtain and withering away of the Soviet Union.

Carville claimed that his number one reason for a long-term Democrat majority is “the historically diverse, historically Democratic young people who will be the foundation for a lasting Democratic majority.” What Carville failed to factor in to his equation was that young people grow up and look for jobs.

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A college student voting for Obama in 2008 has graduated. Talk is cheap. Having to pay back tens of thousands of dollars in student loans while working at a minimum-wage job — still living at home with mom and dad — breeds cynicism, contempt, and disillusionment.

Now we’re learning that it’s even worse for the democrats than the initial election results show. The following is from Aaron Blake of the Washington Post. I’ll give the usually liberal paper kudos for being honest enough to report the story since it most likely will lead to even more demoralization among rank and filed Democrats:

“Republicans had a very good Nov. 4; this much we know…”


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