GOP Leadership Facing Growing Criticism from Conservatives

By Guest Writer Kathleen Ryan:

Conservative gods Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter have been staunch supporters of Donald Trump during his campaign and during the first 100 days of the Trump presidency. During the last few days, however, these conservative media hosts have become fed up with the slow progress of Trump’s agenda, or lack of it, particularly in the new budget bill.

Blaming the Republicans in the House and Senate, both Conservative media stars lashed out at the bi-partisan budget which was proposed Monday and will be voted on next week.  The budget funds Planned Parenthood and does not fund construction of the wall along our southern border, a key promise to Americans.

Rush Limbaugh spoke with Vice President Pence yesterday reminding him that Democrats won funding of all their agenda items including: refugee settlements, Planned Parenthood, the EPA and continued funding of sanctuary cities. Pence, supporting the budget as a Conservative win, insisted it covers military expansion which is the president’s top priority.

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Limbaugh, however, maintained that funding of one piece of an agenda is not a win. Limbaugh is running out of excuses for the Republicans whom he sees as fighting their own agenda. A budget funding $21 billion for the military spending, but continuing to fund Democratic agendas, is not a Conservative win according to Limbaugh.

In her sarcastic tone, Coulter tweeted: “Border Wall Construction Update. Miles completed yesterday, 0. Miles completed since inauguration, 0.”  Coulter campaigning for Trump in all-out effort for conservative values to be returned to America, and her best selling book In Trump We Trust sums up the conservative mindset.

Lack of Republican support is disheartening and inexcusable.  Speaker Ryan has done nothing to promote Trump’s agenda. The Budget Director Mick Mulvaney tried to appease by consoling Americans with the funding for Defense and school choice. According to Coulter, these are mere crumbs. Republicans, continuing to promise they’ll get the Democrats “next time,” are just too little too late.

Even with this criticism, President Trump supports the budget. Claiming that next October the Republicans can shut down the government is offered instead of a win now. Unfortunately, this doesn’t resonate with Coulter or Limbaugh.

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