GOP Leader says It Will Be “Very Hard” to Stop Obama on Gitmo


I don’t want you to feel pessimistic about the GOP’s chances to stop President Obama. Yes, we should be concerned, and yes we need to stay on top of our representatives to make sure that they don’t break under the strain that President Obama and the Democrats are about to put on them, but I think we’ll likely win the battle over Guantanamo Bay. However, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) has some words of warning on the subject that should keep us all grounded in reality.

The truth simply is that if President Obama chooses to ignore the Constitution, our laws and his oath to uphold those laws… there won’t be much that this body of Republicans can do about it.

“It’s not a surprise, this has been a goal from day one… But the fact that he’s willing to do it in violation of an explicit law, signed by the President, that he not be able to do it. Probably has two things, one that he has very little to lose, in his opinion. He doesn’t believe that the American people will impeach him, and with the death of Justice Scalia, he probably views that the Supreme Court might back him by a 4-4 decision. Essentially the liberals on the court letting it happen, even if it’s clearly a constitutional violation of his obligation to obey the law.”

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After being reminded that the Congress just created a law saying that no Guantanamo detainees can come to the United States Issa said, “You’re exactly right. We not only voted for it, the President signed the law that included it. This is a president who doesn’t respect the law or the Constitution. I’m not saying that haphazardly… it’s the reason we’re so concerned about who the next President is. Will this be somebody who thinks, ‘if you just say it, it happens’? Whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat. Or are we going to have somebody who has a real respect for the rule of law and for the process that our founders gave us to obey. This President doesn’t. There is little we can do if this President ignores the law, in a timely fashion. Our process is to go to the Court, the court is likely not to rule quickly…”

Issa then went on to use Andrew Jackson’s defiance of the Supreme Court’s opinion on the Cherokee Nation dispute to show that if a President decides to ignore the law – the Congress can only do so much without public support.

Which is worrisome news indeed…

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