GOP Leader Calls Rand Paul “The Most Dangerous Man in Politics”

A ceasefire of sorts has seemingly taken hold between the GOP establishment and the committed conservative wing – men like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Justin Amash, Thomas Massie and others. The two sides of the GOP likely smell Democrat blood in the water and want to make sure that they come away with a big win in 2014.

Recently Michael Steele, who used to be the head of the RNC, reinforced the ceasefire theme when he was on “NOW with Alex Wagner” on MSNBC.

What I admire about Rand Paul, and what I appreciate in his effort, is that he is making the effort. He’s been honest and exposing himself a lot more than any Republican potential candidate in three or four cycles and that is almost 30 years. So the reality of it is you’ve got this individual who is reshaping right now, the landscape going into 2016. The Times [sic] called him the most interesting man in politics. I call him the most dangerous man in politics, because he has the ability to draw from the Democrats as well as the Republican bases in a way that could upset a few apple carts if this thing strikes the way he is talking.

A few months ago kind words like these from an establishment GOP politician like Michael Steele would have been unheard of… I wonder how long this spirit of amity will last among the rival GOP factions?

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Watch the whole segment here and take in the partisan hackery of Howard Dean’s poo-pooing of the idea that Rand Paul stands a chance in 2016. It’s amazing to me that a man like Howard Dean can attack any Presidential hopeful as unrealistic, when he led the ultimate Quixotic quest for the White House. C’mon Howard – you should be pulling for the underdog!

Anywho, check out the segment yourself – with the above comments from Michael Steel coming around 3:20 into the segment.

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