Does the GOP Hate Conservatives?

If you’ve been reading Eagle Rising for any length of time, then you may have already gathered a few things about the politicians that we enjoy supporting. (There are not a whole lot of them!) The Republican Party today has turned into a tepid version of the Democrat Party, and many of the Republican Representatives to Congress are not people we can cheer on.

But there are a few.

Justin Amash (R-MI) is one of those few politicians that we will support every chance we get. We’ll cheer him on, we’ll ask you to consider him, and we’ll even encourage you to support him financially if you can.

Justin Amash is the real deal. A conservative with principles that he can articulate and that he will defend – even in Washington, D.C.

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He is running for reelection and is being primaried by a liberal Republican whose “best attacks” are making fun of Amash’s conservative values! Mark Levin recently spoke out about the fact that Amash was facing a primary…


“So there’s this congressman—Amash—and he’s from Michigan. And he votes consistently against big government, consistently against corporate welfare, consistently against government subsidies for corporations.

“So guess who’s targeting him in a primary—a sitting incumbent Republican congressman? The United States Chamber of Commerce a.k.a. Crony Capitalism. . . .

“And so they’re pouring tons of money into these primaries—not only to support incumbents now, but to defeat an incumbent in Michigan because he will not toe their line. It’s like the mob.”

—Mark Levin



The Washington Examiner also ran a piece trying to understand how the GOP establishment could allow Amash to be primaried when he is so reliably conservative, and what they found was that the GOP must love corruption. It’s really the only explanation. The GOP is CORRUPT.

Amash is a passionate advocate of the Free Market that the GOP pretends to enjoy. The truth is that the GOP (and the Democrats as well) hate the free market and LOVE Crony Capitalism – where the government allows itself to be bribed into action by big business. Crony Capitalism always leads to the opposite of the free market; it leads to government intervention in the marketplace and that intervention always helps the big companies while killing the little guy.

Crony Capitalism is what people always say they hate about Capitalism. What they do not realize is that it isn’t capitalism! It’s a perversion. Crony Capitalism is an assault on capitalism, yet we blame the victim for the problems the attacker creates. It makes no sense.

Here is what the Washington Post had to say about the ridiculous attack on Justin Amash by the mainstream GOP.


Amash is arguably the strongest defender of free enterprise in the House. His rating from the Club for Growth is 100 percent. He comes in second out of 435 House members on the National Taxpayers Union scorecard. This consistency earned him a primary from Grand Rapids businessman Brian Ellis.

Ellis explained that Amash is too beholden to principles and the Constitution: “He’s got his explanations for why he’s voted,” Ellis said, “but I don’t really care. I’m a businessman, I look at the bottom line.”


Leaders like Justin Amash need our help NOW. They can’t stand up to every attack that the GOP RINO’s throw at them, for every success they have there are a handful of setbacks. Amash may win, but other candidates like him will lose. We have to demand that the GOP reform or we will be silenced altogether.

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