GOP Establishment says John Kasich Can Deliver Ohio to Donald Trump

Former Ohio Lt. Governor Ken Blackwell (R-OH) appeared on MSNBC Wednesday morning to discuss the seeming ascendance of Donald Trump. Blackwell has been an adviser to an anti-Trump Super PAC and also gave his thoughts on the #NeverTrump movement. The most intriguing aspect of the conversation came when Mr. Blackwell gave his opinion that if Trump were to select John Kasich as his running mate, Kasich would, in turn, hand Trump the victory in Ohio. Blackwell also added that he thought Newt Gingrich could make an exceptional choice for Vice President as well.

Ken Blackwell: “I think John Kasich by taking himself out of the race, suspending his campaign, has probably risen on the list of potential running mates. There hasn’t been a Republican to win the White House without winning Ohio. That is a deliverable that John Kasich can deliver.

Newt Gingrich is rising on that listen. Coming at Trump at a number of directions because of his grasp of foreign policy, his familiarity with the legislative process and his acceptability in Washington.

I think John probably positioned himself well for consideration in light of the fact that Charlie Black is his principle adviser and used to be the business partner of Paul Manafort.”

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Blackwell went on to explain that while he would not rule out a union with the forces of #NeverTrump, being #NeverClinton was far more important to him.

Craig Melvin: “You told the website RealClearPolitics that, ‘I don’t believe in never saying never when it comes to #NeverTrump’. Are you going to fall in line and back the likely nominee today?”

Ken Blackwell: “Look, let me put it to you this way. I am a Never Hillary person and so whoever the Republican nominee is, I am going to get behind and support because I don’t want a third term of Barack Obama and I think that’s what Hillary Clinton will deliver on steroids.”

Blackwell also added that there was a very real (and important) difference between Trumpism and Reaganism.

Ken Blackwell:“That being said there is going to be a real tension between Reaganism and Trumpism. Reaganism has been the dominant world view of the Republican party now for decades. The reality is Trump is not a conservative and he’s a new Republican. There’s going to be that tension and we’re going to work it through. We’re going to work it through.”

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