GOP Establishment “Praying for a Rubio/Kasich Ticket”


Why on earth this would be the case is beyond me – other than the fact that John Kasich offers the GOP an excellent opportunity to win the crucial state of Ohio in 2016. Let’s just be honest here – the GOP Establishment was all-in for Jeb Bush. When that opportunity began to collapse, they momentarily flirted with Chris Christie (R-NJ) before realizing that their two favorite candidates had no chance at the nomination this cycle. Which is when they began drifting in the direction of Senator [score]Marco Rubio[/score] (R-FL). In Rubio they have someone who will be palatable to the vast majority of conservatives, but who has also shown a willingness to be establishment pliable with his foray into illegal immigration with the Gang of Eight. Rubio is the most likely candidate who also at least shows deference to the GOP establishment mainstays like John McCain (R-AZ), Mitt Romney, [score]Lindsey Graham[/score] (R-SC) and [score]Mitch McConnell[/score] (R-KY).

So, the establishment’s sudden infatuation with Rubio doesn’t surprise me… but they’re connection to Kasich does. Kasich offers no upside nationally. In fact, other than being a pleasing squish of a moderate, the only thing he brings to the table is the fact that he’s a popular figure in the must-win state of Ohio.

Perhaps that is enough to make a Rubio/Kasich ticket exactly what the GOP establishment is hoping for.

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Here’s the influential pollster and prognosticator Larry Sabato on Fox News:

“You’re not going to beat Donald Trump with the average tricks in politics, he’s too strong. You’re going to have to build coalitions… Kasich might bring Ohio to Rubio if they made this coalition… Behind the scenes, the more establishment Republicans are praying for a Rubio/Kasich ticket. You know that. I’m not say it’s the best ticket. I don’t want to get a million emails from people telling me why they don’t like the ticket. That’s what they’re saying.”

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