How the GOP Can Keep on Winning and Transform America

A lot has been said about the Texas election of Greg Abbott for governor, but little has been said about the firestorm that catapulted his Democrat opponent Wendy Davis to the limelight.

It was abortion.

She energized a limited base of pro-abortion Democrat activists. Her defiant pro-abortion cause was their cause and they called on her to help them turn the red state of Texas blue. She came to be known as “Abortion Barbie.”

Well, Abortion Barbie went down to defeat big time. Wendy Davis lost by 20 points. In political numbers, that’s a slaughter. Here’s how National Review summed it up:

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“[A]fter being catapulted to national stardom for her pink athletic shoes and abortion extremism, Texas Democrat Wendy Davis has been trounced in her bid for the Lonestar State governor’s mansion by Republican Greg Abbott.”

The GOP wants to woo Hispanic voters. Generally speaking, Hispanics are anti-abortion and anti-homosexual marriage. Texas has a large Hispanic population.

Exit polls show that Abbot got 44 percent of the Hispanic vote. In 2010, Republican Gov. Rick Perry won with 38 percent of Hispanics. A 50-50 split will nullify any advantage Democrats have with Hispanics. Like with everybody in America, the economy is still the primary issue, but moral issues like abortion and same-sex marriage are still important concerns for tens of millions of voters.

Hispanics are generally anti-abortion. Texas is also an economic growth state. This is the winning combination: economic growth and social issues like abortion and homosexuality. The GOP ignores this winning combination to its peril.

“A fourth of all voters Tuesday identified themselves as white born-again Christians or evangelicals and three-fourths of them voted for Republican candidates, exit polls showed.


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