Google Home Shoves Jesus Down the Memory Hole

When asked, Google Home doesn’t know who Jesus is. What else is wrong?

Why people are putting Google Home in their houses mystifies me. The same goes for Amazon’s Alexa. People are basically putting themselves under corporate surveillance.

They are also getting a source of Silicon Valley ideology posing as information. Recent reports of an inability of Google Home to identify Jesus are a symptom of a much larger problem.

Fox 17 Nashville reports, “Does Google Home know who Jesus is? This man says no.

Brentwood resident David Sams owns a Google Home and an Amazon audio speaker. He says both give two different answers when asking “Who is Jesus Christ?”

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“I even asked Google who is David Sams? Google knew who I was, but Google did not know who Jesus was, Google did not know who Jesus Christ was, and Google did not know who God was,” Sams said.

Smart speakers are a technology owned by about 40 million Americans — that’s about one in six people in the nation.


The general response from Google Home is “I’m not sure how to help you with that.”

There’s still no response from Google as to why that is the response.

Here is a demonstration that Amazon’s Alexa has a great deal of left-wing bias:

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