Google Considered Manipulating Search Code to Attack President Trump’s Travel Ban Policy

News just bre that Internet search giant Google considered altering its code to force customers to be subjected to all negative attacks on Donald Trump.

News just broke that Internet search giant Google considered altering its search code to force customers to be artificially subjected to all negative attacks on Donald Trump during the height of the “Muslim travel ban” controversy.

It was revealed that Google employees had created new code aimed at trying to force users of its search engine to push back against Trump temporary halt to travel from seven terrorism-torn nations. Employees discussed the plan in internal emails, apparently.

The story was broken by The Wall Street Journal (via Breitbart News because of a WSJ paywall):

Days after the Trump administration instituted a controversial travel ban in January 2017, Google employees discussed how they could tweak the company’s search-related functions to show users how to contribute to pro-immigration organizations and contact lawmakers and government agencies, according to internal company emails.

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The email traffic, reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, shows that employees proposed ways to “leverage” search functions and take steps to counter what they considered to be “islamophobic, algorithmically biased results from search terms ‘Islam’, ‘Muslim’, ’Iran’, etc.” and “prejudiced, algorithmically biased search results from search terms `Mexico’, `Hispanic’, `Latino’, etc.”

Google did not deny that the internal communications cited are real, but did note that the plan was not put into effect.

Of course, there was nothing anti-Muslim about the travel ban. First of all it was temporary, and secondly it was to prevent importing terrorists into our own country. Further, if it was a “Muslim ban” like liberals said, why was it only for a few countries and not ALL Muslim countries?

This latest story of the leftism infesting the tech industry comes on the heels of a bombshell video released by Breitbart News showing Google’s top execs crying about Donald Trump’s election win and promising to destroy him.

But, it doesn’t really matter if they didn’t actually follow through on these particular plans to use your search queries as a way to attack Trump. The fact is, this is the culture of the giant, powerful Internet service. And you know that bias DOES affect their work limiting what we are able to see on the Internet.

Imagine it this way: You go to a library and the librarian only allows you to read the books SHE approves for your use. That is essentially what we are talking about, here. We are talking about Google tweaking its search code to show you ONLY the left-wing “news” that Google executives and employees want you to see. Truth be damned.

This is really no different than the way Joseph Stalin controlled what the benighted people of the Soviet Union were allowed to see, read, and hear. As leader of the USSR, Stalin fully controlled the books, magazines, newspapers, history books, radio, movies, and TV his citizens were allowed to have. And he used that power to push his political agenda on the entire Soviet empire. That is what Google is doing here.

This is also what all these left-wing Internet giants are doing as we speak. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google… ALL of them are using their power to screen out conservative ideas and giving you only left-wing propaganda.

Google is the Joe Stalin of the new century.

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