Google Bosses Upset Over Trump Election Victory (Video)

Does this really surprise anyone? What is wrong with these tech giants? They want to rule the world and they do not care if they achieve their goal ethically or not as long as they achieve it.

How is this not sedition? They are plotting to use their power to subvert a democratic election. 

Is the left finally going to get exposed for plotting to silence any voice other than their own, and to stop anyone who doesn’t walk in lockstep with them?

I was very disappointed when Obama won, but it was a due process and I respected that. I didn’t whine, complain daily, and throw temper tandems. I moved on until the next election.

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Fox News:

Not long after Donald Trump won the general election in 2016, the executives of Google held a company meeting in which they expressed their disappointment at the result, newly released video has revealed.

The recording, which was provided anonymously to and reported by Breitbart News, was made by the tech giant and showed several of the company’s leaders.

At the top of the video, co-founder Sergey Brin said that he’s aware “this is probably not the most joyous TGIF we have had.”

“You know, let’s face it, most people here are pretty upset and pretty sad for … because of the election,” Brin said. “Myself, as an immigrant and a refugee, I certainly find this election deeply offensive and I know many of you do, too. And I think it’s a very stressful time and it conflicts with many of our values.”

The video also showed that a vice president, Kent Walker, described the outcome of the election as “a shock to all of us.”

“It was a shock to all of us, the results of the election. It was a fair and democratic process and we honor that,” Walker said. “But at the same time it showed an incredible level of division among Americans and that’s something that gives us pause and focuses on how did we misunderstand that, what can we do to reach out to people whose perspective we have a hard time understanding.” More

Google talks about justice but then works with the Chinese government to censor its people… just gotta love their double standards.


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