Good Police are Better than our Culture Deserves

We Don’t Deserve Favale


Cops are falling like spit from criminals’ lips.  They get no respect from the criminals and none from the liberals who only have soft spots for thugs.


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The other day the NY Post celebrated Deputy Anthony Favale’s 3 sons becoming cops. Favale was proud.  Why? His sons will become targets for degenerates and scorned by the pussy progressives.


Cops should turn down their jobs. The citizens think they don’t want them. Let them go. Let the city turn to chaos until the people beg the cops to come back.


Wake up, Favale.  The city doesn’t deserve your sons.  It has turned against cops. Police brutality has become brutality towards police.


Protection of average citizens by the cops has become anathema.  Cops are considered bad. We the wimps pretend we don’t need cops while they are mowed down by thugs.


When cops are not there to protect its citizens every day the inhabitants will cry and when a cop makes a mistake they will scream at him and burn down all the Fergusonian stores.


This cop hatred comes from reverse racist politicians like Obama, de Blasio and criminals who want to annihilate the forces of good. What do they care about losing the cops? They still have their own private police forces.


Favale, the city doesn’t deserve people as good as your family.  Leave NY and let it fall into chaos so that the dim progressives learn a lesson and cry for you to come back and save them from themselves and their own stupidity.

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