‘Gold Standard’ TPP Will END America’s Sovereignty

Control By The Globalists

There appeared a headline today, that during any other time would bear significantly. However, with the frenzy of our Presidential Election finale looming within days, most readers will only offer it a passing glance.

Briefly, the bold print announced that contrary to the people’s vote to exit the European Union, Britain’s latest imitation of our Supreme Court shenanigans, is its ”High Court” ruling that “the government can’t start exit negotiations without a vote in Parliament.”

If this reminds one of Judge Robert’s ruling that changed an Obamacare “fee” into a “tax,” you’re not alone! Why even hold the June “exit vote” if it is dependent upon such a last ditch scheme?

Supposedly, this mess was brought to light from the objections of “a hairdresser and a Financial entrepreneur?”  Have the British taken a page from the American playbook? Remember, back in 1948, all it took was one avowed atheist! Mrs. Nashti McCollum, who was “personally offended by religion,” caused America’s Supreme Court to end all religious teachings in our schools.  And now, it seems this insanity has come ashore in Britain. Talk about the tail wagging the dog!

I also mention this so as to underline this unseen global web that is slowly erasing the independence of Nations.  The British shocked the establishment here in America. By that I mean that Obama attempted to coerce that vote, as he previously attempted in Israel with Netanyahu’s re-election. This global scheme forms the backdrop to our November 8th day of citizenship.

And this leads into what is hidden in the election shadows. Hillary Clinton, contrary to her campaign jargon, will follow through on her intention to erase all national distinctions, borders and otherwise. And this “otherwise” is exactly the intent of both this post-Reagan illegal entry policy along with the recent acceptance of the undocumented Syrian, terrorist or “otherwise.”

Return to the second debate between Trump and Clinton. No mention of Clinton’s professed desire for “open borders,” which WikiLeaks had previously disclosed. This border issue had to be ignored, especially on the heels of the Brexit vote, since the crux of that vote saw the people’s desire to return Britain’s independence and rightful sovereignty. For Clinton’s campaign, this is a “third rail” kind of issue, to be avoided at all costs. So, as obedient foot soldiers, Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz obeyed.

Consider Hillary Clinton’s gaffe when speechifying to a Brazilian Megabank, “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, sometime in the future with energy that’s as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.”

“The hemisphere?” Where in her “dream” is there any concern for America or our people? Is this the talk of an American President or a globalist who intends to eradicate our borders along with our American ideals?  No wonder the subject of “open borders” never qualified for the podium.

As far as this absurd TPP trade deal is concerned, again, Clinton can hardly afford to be honest, which seems to be her lifelong trait, since again, this topic opens up the voters to that independent sentiment from across the Atlantic. That feeling is alive and well here, and Clinton realizes that she must skirt the issue.

While nearing her goal of being “commander-in-chief,” she will say anything and do anything. This is especially applicable when this TPP topic arises.

Dare it be mentioned that prior to her TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) waffling, she in fact helped design its format and actually referred to it as “the gold standard” of trade agreements. Now, while stumping across the college campuses, she must disavow her true intentions for her own political expediency.

One caveat from Clinton’s lifetime in the public square is that her disingenuousness is center stage for those so inclined to notice. Still as various negative reports continue to surface, others cavalierly dismiss each as the work of Trump’s hate-mongering crowds. How convenient.

One last item of note; hidden deep within the weeds of this treasonous TPP agreement are the specifics which will end America’s independent sovereignty. Just maybe this is Clinton’s reasoning for calling it a “Gold Standard.” After all, she has since her college days been enthralled with the teachings of Saul Alinsky, the avowed anti-American, anti-capitalist.

So, Clinton’s dream is an unadulterated scheme to destroy our American dream. Her lifelong belief and ambition is to this end. Even her most laudable claim of being a children’s advocate seems again, disingenuous from recent reports of her sex crimes with and exploitations of children.

This shocking evidence happened to be unearthed from Weiner’s laptop. However, similar to Raddatz and Cooper’s avoidance of Clinton’s “open border” remark, the details from such sordid happenings will never be discussed, at least not in public.

November 8th is America’s acid test. One candidate talks of a love of Country while the other preaches the need for inclusiveness or an open arms policy for all. Charity is fine, but everything has limitations and that certainly should apply if and when our charity includes the importation of terrorism.

When importing refugees becomes more important than the safety of our Country and her citizens, well then, our pending November 8th decision will be found upon that much heralded “narrow path” for Trump!

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