GoFundMe Page Raises $250,000 For Peter Strzok

I guess crime does pay. People giving Peter Strzok free money has lost their minds. Anyone thinking “oh this poor guy” is crazy. He got fired because he was an embarrassment to the FBI because he tarnished their image and reputation.

He helped oversee the Hillary Clinton email and Russia investigations. His 1/4 million dollar reward is chump change for the damage he inflicted on behalf of DNC and Deep State!

Update to this story.

Fox News Insider:

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A GoFundMe has been set up by a group supporting former FBI agent Peter Strzok in order to cover his legal fees and lost income.

The “Friends Of Special Agent Peter Strzok” have quickly garnered more than $250,000 for Strzok, who was let go by the bureau on Friday.

Strzok played an integral part in both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and what would later become the special counsel’s Russia probe.

He was subpoenaed to testify before House lawmakers in July over anti-Trump texts he sent to Lisa Page, his former co-worker and lover, using his FBI phone.

The donation page touted some of Strzok’s accomplishments at the FBI and defended his actions. More

My dad always said: A fool and their money will soon part ways. I thought it was against GoFundMe’s terms of service to allow a criminal to raise money.

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