God was Inspired when He Created Two Sexes



I knock on Lauren’s door to wake her up.

Her voice spills through the cracks like a foreign country.

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God was inspired when he created

Two sexes.

Maybe the two sexes created God.

It doesn’t matter or it does and Jimmy Crack corn,

I don’t care.

Skip the bigoted Massa stuff.


It is so natural for me to love a woman

That I don’t even know I am loving her.

It’s like when I eat sushi

And the meal is lighter than air and as exotic

As kabuki.


I don’t understand gay love.

I don’t think it exists.

I think that it is stubborn rebellion against man-woman-love,

Fear of its consequences and

Using difference as a form of superiority.


The gays are pushing it so hard.

Gay pride is misguided self-importance.

We may accept it but we will never understand.

They can’t win because men kissing each other is disgusting

To most of us.

Don’t defend a lie.

If I can’t find something ugly

I can’t find another thing beautiful—

My wife in the morning.


Gays themselves are not disgusting.

It is the existential condition of gayness that offends us.

Not the people.

It offends me.

It offends you.

It even bothers the politically correct who hide their feelings.


If Hillary could say what’s the difference about Benghazi

Why can’t I say what’s the difference about my homophobia?

Christopher Stevens didn’t die because of my neglect.


Justification is argumentation and does not sanctify.

The gay mafia should lay down their purple suits.

Hissy fits are not productive and you can’t sell

Perversion to heterosexual families.

Elton John is a tacky sight even if he sings a good “Daniel.”

He should go on a diet.

He should vomit his opinions on his shoes and pretend its polish.

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