God Bless America

What is it that makes America, well, America? The answer is very complicated and varies from person to person. Some answers are very complimentary to America, while others are downright awful. Is there a correct answer? Yes, there is.

What is America to me? America is a land of opportunity and freedom. We have been fighting to keep America this way the past several years; I believe we can keep our God-given freedom. My Russian ancestors came to America to escape the Communists in Russia. They chose America because they knew they would have opportunity. They did not force anyone to accommodate to them, they learned what they needed to and led many rough years, but they persevered and here I am telling you this.

blessamericaI am hoping to become a constitutional attorney and my endgame is to become a federal politician. I love America. I remember back on May 1, 2011, when Osama bin Laden was killed. I was outside chanting “USA! USA!” from my driveway taking the trash out. (I can’t help but wonder what my neighbors were thinking seeing a 13 year old celebrating in the middle of the night.) I was not celebrating the President’s actions; I was celebrating the actions of our great military.

What is there to hate about America? Not a whole lot that can be justified. America fought to end slavery, we gave all the freed slaves citizenship and the right to vote. Slavery is a horrible thing, but we ended it. Is America perfect? No we aren’t. There has never been a perfect nation in the history of the world. Only in America will you find a 16 year old political writer that is also a varsity tennis player that is on the debate team that has also competed on an international level in music.

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We are very fortunate to have freedom of speech. I recently received my great-aunt’s 2000 Honda Civic LX. After I got the dog smell out (that was a trip) I started making the old Honda my own. My Civic was manufactured in East Liberty, Ohio, and I am a proud owner of an American built car. I have already put my libertarian mark on the car, two Fox News stickers, a “Thank a Veteran” sticker, and the legendary “Don’t tread on me” flag. Only in America can you do this.

Sadly, too many people view America in a negative light. Howard Zinn has a massive part in the reason behind this. His book, A People’s History of the United States: 1492 to Present says how evil America is. Al Sharpton has been a very avid America hater. Why is he still here if it is so bad? He is a racist towards the white population more than anything else. Jeremiah Wright is another one. Wright said that instead of blessing America, God should d*** America. I guarantee he is in America because he can’t lead as high of a life anywhere else in the world. He is saying what he says for the publicity and the money. I ask all of the America haters, if America is so bad then why are you still here? Why aren’t you in another country that is “better?” Please, if you hate America, say why in the comments and then say why you still live here.

God Bless you, and God Bless America!

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