Global Warming? East Coast Experiences Record High Temperatures

An excessive heat warning was issued by the National Weather Service for much of the east coast. Predictably, excessive heat forecasts are often accompanied by “told-ya-so’s” from manmade global warming proponents.excessive heat warning

Apparently, over the weekend, Washington, D.C. experienced record high temperatures. On Saturday, it reached 101 degrees Fahrenheit, a high not seen in the area since August 13, 1881, which recorded the same temperature.

While the natural inclination for most politicians and media figures is to tie these current excessive heat events to manmade climate change, others are pointing out that we’ve experienced higher temperatures in the past, long before “climate change” was even a gleam in the eyes of politicians.

In an interview with CNS News, the chief forecaster for Weather Bell Analytics explained that while last weekend was indeed hot, it was nothing compared to eight or nine decades ago:

“There is no question this weekend was hot, with temperatures challenging and breaking records across the northeast,” Bastardi replied. “But to offer some perspective, many of these records went back to the 1800s, which meant [that] even without urban buildup, it was just as hot then.”

Bastardi added that 101 degrees is nothing compared to the heat wave that struck the Washington region back in the 1930s.

Long before SUVs and the term “carbon footprint” were invented, Americans endured sweltering heat waves, such as the summer of 1930, he said.

“Washington area farmers were certainly not spared in 1930, as intense, prolonged hot spells gripped the region during late July and early August,” according to a 2010 article in the Washington Post. “The official temperature recorded on July 20 was 106°F, which holds the record as the highest temperature ever recorded in Washington.

“Unofficially, 110°F was recorded that same day on Pennsylvania Avenue and 108°F at the National Cathedral,” the article continued. The summer of 1930 also set the record at 11 for number of days where temperatures reached or exceeded 100°F.

“By the end of the summer of 1930, approximately 30 deaths in Washington were blamed on the heat and thousands more had died nationwide,” the Post article said. “In Washington, there has never been another summer with a heat wave that has equaled the summer of 1930.”

“This shows you this heat wave is child’s play compared to the 1930s in D.C.,” Bastardi told

The CDC published a report about climate change and excessive heat events, where they warned that rare heat events would become more frequent and severe the more the planet continues to heat up. As a result, more and more people are going to die.

Curiously, hot weather – even in the summertime apparently – is seen as evidence that the burning of fossil fuels and even the use of air conditioners leads to global warming. But don’t dare bring up unseasonably cool weather or excessively cold winter weather. They’ll laugh at you.

If enough people fall for the political ruse, politicians can force the fossil fuel industry out of business by a mere act of Congress or executive order. Instead of the usual “national security” excuse so often employed to pass “emergency” legislation that only takes away our liberties (and makes us less safe in the process), they’ll use the excuse that the fossil fuel industry is destroying the planet. And humanity as we know it will cease to exist, unless these polluters are “brought to justice.”

Their solutions will include skyrocketing taxes and regulations, and a mandate to use their energy sources of choice – so-called “green” energy. That way, they’ll finally start to see returns on all the billions that they had invested in the green industry over the years.

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