Why Global Warming Believers Don’t Talk About These Storms

No one doubts that the climate changes. If it didn’t change, we wouldn’t have the Weather Channel.

Global cooling was all the rage just a few decades ago. When that didn’t pan out for the Globalists, Global Warming was invented. But not every change in climate resulted in warming. So Climate Change became the new label. When that didn’t work on the American people, Climate Chaos was made-up to scare people into voting for more government control.

“Twenty-eight U.S. senators held an all-night ‘talkathon’ . . . to call attention to climate change, an issue that only 24% of Americans say they worry about a great deal. This puts climate change, along with the quality of the environment, near the bottom of a list of 15 issues Americans rated in Gallup’s March 6-9 survey. The economy, federal spending, and healthcare dominate Americans’ worries.”

We’re also learning that any scientist who is a critic of man-made climate change is shut out of the discussion. The reason the “debate is over” concerning climate change is because climate change advocates don’t allow for debate.

For example, Professor Lennart Bengtsson, 79, a leading academic from the University of Reading, left the high-profile Global Warming Policy Foundation because he “was subjected to ‘Mc-Carthy’-style pressure from scientists around the world.” The Global Warming Policy Foundation is skeptical of the science behind the claim that humans are responsible for global warming. You can’t say that recent weather phenomena are “natural occurrences” and be permitted to speak on the subject. The Global Warming Taliban won’t allow it.

There have been a lot of “climate change” phenomena over the millennia, and not one of them had anything to do with what humans were doing. Here are some examples that Global Warmists don’t like to talk about:

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