Global Warming Alarmists to Redefine ‘Hurricane’ So They’re More Frequent?

While Hurricane Matthew was destructive – it left 26 dead in its path – it wasn’t nearly as bad as was predicted. But, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.

The people who are particularly perturbed are the global warming alarmists. They’re always hoping for the ultra-destructive weather events to use to somehow prove that human beings are making them more frequent and extreme. When those much-anticipated weather events fail to perform to their expectations, they get upset.

To make matters worse, it had been nearly eleven years around 4,000 days – since a major hurricane had made landfall in the U.S. Those are some inconvenient facts for people who like to use weather events to prove their hypothesis of manmade global warming.

So, they’ve come up with a solution to make sure that we see more major hurricanes. Just change the definition of hurricane! From Investor’s Business Daily:

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After Matthew dumped more than 17 inches of rain in North Carolina, science editor Andrew Freedman wrote in Mashable that “it’s time to face the fact that the way we measure hurricanes and communicate their likely impacts is seriously flawed.”

“We need a new hurricane intensity metric,” he said, “that more accurately reflects a storm’s potential to cause death and destruction well inland.”

The current measure is the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale, which, according to the National Hurricane Center, provides “a 1 to 5 rating based on a hurricane’s sustained wind speed.” But if the intensity of a storm is redefined by using other criteria, such as rainfall and storm surge flooding, the game changes.

“So with a new metric, warmists can declare every storm ‘unprecedented’ and a new ‘record,’ ” says Marc Morano, publisher of Climate Depot and producer of “Climate Hustle,” a movie that “takes a skeptical look at global warming.”

“This is all part of a financial scheme,” says Morano. “If every bad weather event can have new metrics that make them unprecedented and a record, then they will declare it fossil-fuel-‘poisoned weather.’ Warmist attorneys general will use any storm now to get money from energy companies claiming that their company made tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and droughts worse. They will use any bad weather event to shake down energy companies. That is why the extreme storm meme is so important.”


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