Glenn Greenwald to Dems: ‘Stop Calling Everybody a Putin Stooge and Obsessing on These Russia Conspiracy Theories’ [VIDEO]

Journalist Glenn Greenwald is by no means a Trump supporter. He has concerns about what effects a Trump presidency will have on people’s civil liberties. He has concerns about war and foreign policy. I don’t think you have to be a liberal in order to share those same concerns.

While he has concerns about what a Trump presidency will bring, he also had concerns about Hillary Clinton. He went so far as to call the media’s blind support for the Democratic nominee “journalistic malpractice.”

It’s not surprising then that he’s taken a rather objective approach to the Democrats’ current campaign to tie Trump inextricably to Putin. He said that the media’s and Democrats’ latching on to these “Russia conspiracy theories” is nothing more than a “faith-based belief.” There is after all a dearth of evidence, and people only believe what was anonymously leaked to liberal newspapers, because they have faith in those institutions – well, when it’s politically expedient to have faith.

Here’s what he said in an interview with Ari Melber on MSNBC:

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“What circumstantial evidence can you point to? You have just identified what agents have claimed. Agencies that have a long history of error, that are designed to disseminate disinformation, that are political actors. Who have constantly disseminated claims that turned out to be false for whatever their motivation is. You have taken all of those agencies, and described in your question to me, what they claim. What evidence is there otherwise that they have presented that suggests the Russian government is behind these leaks, there is none. What is the evidence?

“What Democrats are doing — before the election they thought this was a winning tactic, to link Trump to a country that they tried to build into this really scary threat. Obama spent eight years saying Russia is not a scary threat, he mocked Mitt Romney for it in 2012, but I think it was an election year tactic. Fear is a really potent tactic. But Americans, when they wake up in the morning, they don’t wake up worried about what the Kremlin is doing. I think it proved to be a losing political tactic, and since the election, Democrats – like a lot of Americans, including myself – are sort of dioriented, still in shock, and are grappling for explanations.

“Screaming ‘Putin!’ over and over and accusing critics of being Kremlin stooges, I think that is a byproduct of this desperation more than anything else. I’m hoping people will return to reason.”

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