Glenn Beck Pours “Christian” Blood on his Breakfast

On Monday Wolf Blitzer was interviewing Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan when he questioned Hamdan’s recent “blood libel1 of the Jews in Arab media.

The blood libel that these anti-Israel psychopaths love to push is disgusting and has been proven false over the centuries. However, it keeps being repeated mostly by racist people who want to ruin the reputation of an entire ethnic (and religious and political) group. (Think the Nazi’s, Al Qaeda, Iranian extremists, and Hamas…)

Here’s Blitzer’s interview…

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Apparently Glenn Beck was also watching the CNN interview because on Tuesday he decided to show people just how disgusting Hamdan’s blood libel really is. Here he is discussing what he wants to do with his staff…

And then here he is actually performing the entire Christian blood segment.


Sure, it’s gross. And maybe I’m not really sure what it is accomplishing in the grand scheme of things… but if it makes people realize just how terrible Hamas actually is… I am ALL FOR IT.

If it takes Glenn Beck pouring “blood” on his breakfast every morning for a year for people to start understanding just how barbaric and monstrous Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic terrorism in general really is… then so be it.


  1. Blood libel is the false allegation that Jews used to murder Christians (especially children) to use their blood in religious rituals, particularly the baking of the Passover matzah bread. []

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