Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz – Whoever is in 3rd Place After March 1st Should Drop Out!


On Monday, Glenn Beck had his favorite candidate, Senator Ted Cruz, (R-TX) on his radio show to discuss the state of the GOP primary race and to answer one very difficult question in particular. If Super Tuesday comes and goes and either Cruz or Rubio have earned a solid lead for 2nd place – should the other candidate drop out and ask his supporters to coalesce behind the anti-Trump candidate?

This is a GOOD question. This is an important question.

While Cruz’s answer leaves something to be desired, because he doesn’t respond directly (with a yes or no) on whether or not he’ll leave the race if Rubio earns a big lead on him, he does seem to agree that if that is the case on Wednesday the 3rd place candidate should drop out.

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“There is no doubt that if I reached a point where there was no path to victory, where I was way behind in the delegate count and someone else was better positioned to beat Marco Rubio (He meant Donald Trump), my priority is the country. We have got to save the country. I will do whatever I can to save the country. I do hope, come Wednesday morning, that if there is a candidate who have not been able to win a state. Who are not amassing the delegates. It take 1237 delegates to be the Republican nominee. If you come out of Super Tuesday where you have about 600 delegates being allocated, and you’re not winning enough to move the needle, I do think it’s time for a candidate to say ‘alright, it’s not working for me – let’s come together and unify.’ Because, Donald Trump, I believe, would be a manifest disaster.”

Cruz couches his comments with – “that if there is a candidate who have not been able to win a state” which means that Cruz is leaving himself an out and not automatically included in this possible “drop out” scenario. Even with the caveat, his comments should be promising for conservatives hoping for an opportunity to nominate a candidate who is more philosophically aligned with their beliefs.

The real question is — is there really any chance that either candidate will drop out on Wednesday?

Probably not.

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