Give This Scumbag a Maxine Waters Award!

Here’s the video that should win this warrior for justice the Maxine Waters Award for the week:

This tough guy earned the Maxine Waters Award by pouring soda on a young boy and taking his MAGA hat.

Here’s the video that should win this warrior for justice the Maxine Waters Award for the week:

The Daily Caller reports, “Random Stranger Takes Kid’s MAGA Hat, Then Tosses Drink On Him.

Patricia Thompson Spittler posted the following video on her Facebook page Wednesday […]

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“Please help ID this ‘Scum BAG of the Year!’” wrote Spittler. “My son and his friends were eating at Whataburger on Thousand Oaks last night. His friend was wearing a Patriotic Hat and this happened! It would be nice to know who he is for someone to let him know his actions are not ok! Real tough guy… approaches a group of teenagers minding their own business just having a burger! He kept his hat too! […]”

Read the entire story.

This young psychopath isn’t an anomaly. He is the result of diligent cultivation. How do you make sure as many of these violent haters act out as possible? You claim we’re in the midst of a national emergency and that democracy is dying in darkness (which is ironically accurate since the mainstream media works hard to spread darkness).

Brent Bozell and Tim Graham write, “CNN Host Proclaims ‘National Emergency.’

July started with a lull. On the Monday before Independence Day, the news network morning shows led with the oppressively hot weather. The normal feverish panic about living in Donald Trump’s America was missing for a few hours.

You can count on CNN “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter to stay true to the trash-Trump parade. At the liberal Aspen Ideas Festival, he interviewed Washington Post executive editor Marty Baron. Stelter claimed to speak for the crowd when he began asking: “Are we living through a national emergency? And if so, how in the heck should journalists be covering it that way?”

Baron replied that it isn’t his place to answer that. His newspaper’s role “is to cover very aggressively this administration as we would cover any other administration.” He claimed, “We’re not in the business of sort of characterizing the era.”

This is preposterous. The Post greeted the Trump presidency by posting a new motto on the front page each day: “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” It sells T-shirts with the motto to other liberals.

Read the full column at CNS News.

Remember, it is all being piled up to reach a violent crescendo. Antifa and other harrassers are not called out by the media going all the way back to the campaign even before Trump won the Primary. The media pretends that the only problem is White Supremacists. They say they must not “normalize” Donald Trump while they normalize violence against conservatives. They compare the President to Hitler and the Nazis. They demand forced service to homosexual couples while encouraging the public harassment of Administration members and their families, denying them service in restaurants.

Pretty soon some guy is going to pick the wrong MAGA hat to grab and learn he’s not as tough as he thinks. And the entire media will descend on the Deplorable who stood up to this bigotry. Maxine Waters will be on every station condemning Trump “inspired” violence.

Here’s a leftist responding:

And here’s Tucker Carlson calling out violence ten months ago:

It’s only getting worse.

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