Give to “the Hillary Clinton Fund for Dead-Broke Politicians”


In a hilarious bit of trolling, the funny folks at Campus Reform have created a new charity to help out all of those “dead-broke” politicians.


HILLARY CLINTON: Well, if you — you have no reason to remember, but we came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt.

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We had no money when we got there and we struggled to, you know, piece together the resources for mortgages for houses, for Chelsea’s education, you know, it was not easy. 

Bill has worked really hard and it’s been amazing to me.

He’s worked very hard, first of all, we had to pay off all our debts which was, you know, we had to make double the money because of obviously taxes, and pay you have at debts, and get us houses and take care of family members.

Sadly, it seems that most of the college kids around Georgetown University have no desire to help out these poor unfortunate politicians.

Fortunately someone seems to be helping these politicians… because they are RICHER than ever. The Clinton’s included.

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