Gingrich Tries to Put Conservatives’ Minds at Ease With GOP Healthcare Bill: ‘You Ain’t Going to Get a Sirloin Steak’ [VIDEO]

The healthcare bill put forward by the House Republicans is so bad that even Sean Hannity doesn’t like it. He’s usually the type to try to get conservatives to coalesce behind someone or a piece of legislation for the sake of unity, like how he championed Donald Trump.

Part of what concerns Hannity is how many conservatives and conservative organizations don’t like it. Freedom Works, Americans for Prosperity, Club for Growth, Heritage Action, Cato Institute, and others have all come out against the bill. In addition, the Freedom Caucus and senators such as Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz all have serious concerns will the bill. Paul said that he and the conservative wing of the party won’t vote for the bill.

“It looks bad to me, especially after having eight years to put it together,” Hannity told guest and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

From Gingrich’s perspective, it’s not bad, but it might be “messy.” It’s just the way the process works. As Paul Ryan had said, everybody can’t get everything they want. You have to put forward a bill that is most likely to pass, considering the extreme anti-Trump climate with today’s Democrats, and the GOP’s slim majority in the Senate.

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“You ain’t going to get a sirloin steak,” Gingrich told Hannity. “There is no way in the American legislative process to get a sirloin steak.”

Instead, “you might get a slightly tastier sausage.” He assured Hannity that “there’s no question, this is better than Obamacare.”

This doesn’t mean that the bill won’t be amended to include more conservative and free market provisions. It just means that conservatives have to trust the GOP leadership to follow through on their promises. But they don’t have a reliable track record. There’s no reason to trust them.

Why couldn’t the Republicans had just met together to discuss, debate, and draft the most comprehensive bill that most representatives and senators would agree to? That’s what Hannity wanted to know.

“Am I naive in thinking that a lot of this public fighting could have been avoided had everybody got in a room and worked it out – at least a lot of it, not all of it – ahead of time with all the considerations you laid out, especially because they had eight years to do this?” he asked. “I’m naive, right? I’m stupid.”

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