Gingrich: People Who Were Killed in San Bernardino and Orlando Were ‘Inconvenienced’ [VIDEO]

He was of course being sarcastic. As you know, the media and protesters have been outraged over the President’s executive order temporarily banning immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries.

Trump’s critics are calling it a “Muslim ban,” despite there being over 40 predominantly Muslim countries who are not on the list. And the list was the same list that the previous administration compiled to which to add travel restrictions.

The White House’s official response was to point out that on Saturday – the day after the executive order was signed – 325,000 people flew into the United States from foreign countries, and of those, 109 were held up, most of whom were allowed in after additional vetting. In other words, a few were inconvenienced for the purpose of ensuring everyone’s safety.

Newt Gingrich pointed out that victims of the San Bernardino and Orlando terrorist attacks were ‘pretty inconvenienced.’ I think his point was that without “extreme vetting,” which might inconvenience a few travelers, we’ll be more likely to end up with terrorist attacks, which do way more than inconvenience people. So, wouldn’t it be better to leave relatively few foreign travelers ‘inconvenienced’ than to leave hundreds of people dead, all because those carrying out attacks weren’t vetted enough? Here’s how his exchange went with Sean Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY: To me, fundamentally, this comes down to a very simple equation. Are we willing to inconvenience a few people in the case of this weekend, 109 people for the safety and security of the American people and not gamble with their lives? Is that the proper — am I framing this right? 

NEWT GINGRICH: Well, I think you are, and that’s what the left does not want to deal with. We had eight years of Barack Obama, who was always willing to take risk with American lives on behalf of people we’ve never met because anybody who wasn’t an American somehow attracted Obama’s compassion in a way that Americans didn’t. 

You now have a president who really take seriously the tremendous threat of international terrorism and who is prepared to take steps that are very tough-minded and that are going to inconvenience some people. 

But let’s be clear: the people in the Orlando nightclub who were killed, they were pretty inconvenienced. The people in San Bernardino who were killed at the Christmas party, they were pretty inconvenienced. The people in Berlin, who were killed when a truck went into a Christmas market, they were pretty inconvenienced. I think we have to recognize as a country, we have a right to protect our own citizens and that is precisely what this is aimed at.

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