Gillum: Republicans Bringing Up Ethics Scandal Against Me Is ‘Obviously’ Racist

Democratic candidate for Florida governor and Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum responded to reports that he unethically accepted Hamilton tickets from an undercover FBI agent.

He maintained his innocence and argued that Republicans were attempting to reinforce “stereotypes about black men,” by bringing up the accusations.

You’re not allowed to call him out for lying and potentially being corrupt or you are a racist.

Daily Caller:

Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum attempted to turn the tables on Republicans Wednesday in response to damning new reports that he lied about obtaining Broadway tickets from an undercover FBI agent.

Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, claimed in a short video address to his supporters that he is being targeted by Republicans because he is black.

“The Republicans obviously want to distract, want to suggest. All along throughout this … they’ve wanted the people of this state to believe somehow I haven’t deserved what I’ve gotten, I’m unethical, participated in illegal and illicit activity. I mean, you name it,” Gillum said.

“The goal is obviously to use my candidacy as a way to reinforce, frankly, stereotypes about black men.”

Text messages made public Tuesday showed that in 2016, Gillum and a friend, a lobbyist named Adam Corey, received tickets to the Broadway show “Hamilton” from an FBI agent posing as a real estate developer. More

Twitter Responds:

Socialism is bad for Florida and the entire nation. Gillum has failed as mayor of Tallahassee. Let’s not let him fail us at the state level too.

Typical of today’s liberals, first lie, then if that doesn’t work, play the race card and blame the other guy.

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