Get Ready: Pentagon Suggests Draft to Include Women

Feminists want equality, right? Well they may just get EXACTLY what they are asking for!

The Pentagon just suggested that the draft should include women, meaning that when women turn 18, they would be required to register for the draft. According to the Defense Department, this would boost military enrollment.

Although, we do not necessarily need a draft right now, so it may not come to pass for a long time.  The Selective Service System currently receives about two million new voluntary recruits per year.

The reports given to congress read, “It appears that, for the most part, expanding registration for the draft to include women would enhance further the benefits presently associated with the Selective Service System.”

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Breitbart reports:

The report, obtained by the Washington Times, said the Selective Service System would increase enrollment by 11 million people if the U.S. required women to sign up for the draft.

Only male citizens and immigrants between the ages of 18 and 25 are currently required to sign up for the draft, according to the Selective Service System website.


The Pentagon has tried to integrate more women into the military in recent years.

Former Obama Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced in 2015 that the military would allow women to serve in combat roles.

Carter’s announcement raised the question of whether women should be required to register for the draft in future years.

This would be the first time in history, if passed, that women would be required to register for the draft. In order to pass a new law to include women, the current law would need to be amended by Congress.

Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act in 2016, which called for a yearly review of the draft system but stopped short of requiring women to register for the Selective Service.

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