Get Your BS Removal Kit – for those Unsightly Obama Bumper Stickers!

Comedian Brad Stine is a funny, funny man.

We were recently looking through some of his old videos when we ran across one of our favorites from 2010.

In the summer of that year, many of us were hopeful that the Romney campaign could work some magic and rid of us of the Obama team forever… but it wasn’t to be. However, that summer saw funnyman Brad Stine put together one of his funniest and most ingenious anti-Obama videos ever: The BS Removal Kit video.

I thought that you could probably use a laugh today and I assure you… this video will do it.

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“Satisfaction is not guaranteed, because… well, you’ve already proven that you don’t make very good decisions!”


Here’s Brad’s follow up about the best responses that he got from the BS Removal Kit video.

Apparently, some people (mostly liberal) took the video way too seriously.

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