Germany is Committing Suicide and They Don’t Seem to Care

Germany has a serious population problem. This year marks its lowest production of babies ever, and previous years were already particularly infertile. Pundits warn that Germany will soon start to reap the bitter consequences of its demographic suicide. But at least Germans are having “satisfying” sexual experiences:

Germany is the 11th most sexually satisfied country in the world, beating the U.S. and China but lagging world leader Switzerland, according to a recent survey by prophylactic-maker Durex. Unfortunately, bedroom bliss hasn’t been translating into the production of tiny new Teutons. And if that doesn’t change, Germans, sexually satisfied or not, will be jeopardizing their country’s economic future.

Germany now has the world’s lowest birth rate, with the stork delivering just 8.3 babies per 1,000 citizens according to a study published last week by consultants BDO AG and the Hamburg Institute for International Economics.

This is actually a problem throughout Europe, where birth rates are tanking, populations are aging, workforces are dwindling, and economies are being bent to the breaking point.

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Let’s not forget another looming problem in Europe—the reality of who is having babies. Muslims. If you think the threat of Sharia law and jihadi terrorism are issues now, just wait until Muslims completely overrun Europe by the sheer force of population attrition. It’s a simple fact. This is not a crazy conspiracy theory. It’s happening before our very eyes. Muslims are reproducing in Europe and Europeans are not. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how that scenario works out in the end.

If you really want to see a major change in the future of Europe, the most important thing you can lobby for is responsible sexual relationships. By responsible, I mean the kind where people actually take responsibility for the consequences of their sexual behavior. One of the beautiful consequences of sex is children. Europe has rejected that to her own destruction.


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