Germans Call Out Angela Merkel as “Traitor”

Since she basically allowed a foreign army into Germany, it makes sense they would call out Angela Merkel.

A “rowdy group” of “right-wing” Germans decided to publicly call out Angela Merkel for her insane immigration policy. That’s how the media describes them. But the question is: How long have they been right-wing? When you let an army into your own country so that some of your countrymen are killed by them, your voters are likely to change their political views. They become “right-wing.”

Though, as far as I know, most Germans are still welfare-statists or socialists, and they are still “progressive” in regards to Christian morality. The media doesn’t seem to care. Being “right-wing” in Europe only means they want immigration restricted more than before.

Reuters reports, “Merkel, called ‘traitor’, defends refugee stance in rowdy east Germany.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was greeted with shouts of “traitor” by a rowdy group of right-wing protesters in east Germany on Thursday as she defended her decision to allow hundreds of thousands of refugees into the country.

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Roughly five weeks before an election in which she is expected to win a record-tying fourth term, Merkel veered from her stump speech, acknowledging “difficult times” in 2015 when a flood of asylum seekers, many from the Middle East, entered Germany.

It was her first campaign stop in eastern Germany, parts of which have been fertile ground for anti-immigration politics.

“Many people were worried. They said to themselves: ‘What about us? Are we still important or are only the refugees important’?” she told a crowd of several thousand in the central market square in Annaberg-Buchholz, a town in the state of Saxony near the Czech border.

Read the full Reuters story.

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