German Citizen Imprisoned in Turkey and Germany Does Nothing

A German citizen and human rights activist was arrested on false charges by the Turkish regime.

If you’re a German citizen in Turkey you may want to get out now, because Turkey isn’t safe and German politicians care more about Brexit than Turkey abusing fellow Germans. Merkel and the rest are basically doing nothing about the false arrest of a human rights activist and German citizen.

The Guardian reports, “Berlin to change policy towards Turkey as German citizen is held.

German human rights consultant Peter Steudtner was detained at a human rights workshop on Monday with five others including Amnesty International’s country director, Idil Eser, for allegedly aiding a terror group.

The Turkey correspondent of the German broadsheet Die Welt, Deniz Yücel, has been detained on charges of propaganda in support of a terrorist organisation since February. Pre-trial detention in Turkey can last for up to five years.


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Some leading political figures in Germany accuse Erdoğan of gathering “political hostages” in an attempt to force Germany to hand over two high-ranking Turkish generals involved in last year’s failed coup who have applied for asylum in Frankfurt.

Despite the Guardian’s headline, the German government’s “change” of “policy” amounts to almost nothing. Mish quotes Eurointelligence is his blog post, “German Citizen Arrested in Turkey on Absurd Charges: Merkel, EU Essentially Look the Other Way.”

Sigmar Gabriel, the German foreign minister, yesterday called Merkel to seek a coalition agreement to warn German travelers to be careful when traveling to Turkey. This is not an official travel warning, which would have significant consequences. It would, for example, have allowed people to cancel existing travel bookings for the summer holiday without penalty. It would have allowed travel insurance providers to exclude Turkey from the list of insured countries. It would have had severe implications for German investment in Turkey. This policy of issuing a de facto but not de jure travel warning is a rather weak response.

As I mentioned above, Mish points out that the EU seems more upset about Brexit than Turkey’s unjust persecution of its citizens.

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