Geraldo Rivera Stirs Race Pot says “Black Lives Only Matter when they are Killed by White Cops”

Um. Wow.

I get what the incendiary Geraldo Rivera is saying here. He is arguing that riots and demonstrations only seem to occur in the black community when a black person is killed by a white police officer. For some reason these same communities never seem to demonstrate over the black on black violence that kills the majority of their sons. For every young black man that is killed by a police officer (white, black, brown or any other color), dozens of young black men are killed by other young black men… and that should (seemingly) be of greater concern to the black community.

According to data from both USA Today and the FBI Supplementary Homicide Report, there are approximately 400 “felons” killed by police officers or “justifiable homicides” yearly in the US. In 2012, for example, there were 426 such homicides. These figures represent cases in which officers killing a suspect claim there was “an urgent safety need” for the shooting.

Whites (non-Hispanic; 64% of the population) committed 3005 homicides; the victims were white in 2509 cases, and black in 409 cases.

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Blacks (non-Hispanic; 13% of the population) committed 2491 homicides; the victims were white in 189 cases, and black in 2245 cases.

Hispanics (16% of the population) committed 588 homicides; the victims were white or Hispanic in 486 cases, and black in 87 cases.(2)


Still… even with all of this in mind… Geraldo Rivera is probably not the best messenger to be speaking out to the black community. He should probably instead work behind the scenes to encourage some of his media friends, who may be black, to bring this message.

Earlier today, Baltimore registered the 100th homicide this year. Baltimore has almost as many homicides as New York. 600,000. New York is 8.4 million. 15 times the murder rate of New York. Baltimore is right now.

It seems that — I believe the Freddie Gray case will mark the decline into irrelevancy of the modern civil rights movement. It seems that they are only interested, black lives matter. Black lives matter only when they’re killed by cops, particularly white cops.

Where is the outrage on the 100th Baltimore citizen who’s been shot dead this year? There is none. And I think now you have the cops backing off. Arrests are plummeting. Baltimore will become — Mark used the term a blood bath. It’s a killing zone.


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