Geraldo Rivera and the Neo-Liberal Movement to Absolve Nazi Scientists of their Crimes

During a heated exchange on Fox’s “The Five” about the Planned Parenthood videos, “liberal co-host Geraldo Rivera suggested to fellow co-host Greg Gutfeld that aborted babies should made into ‘dog food.’” He went on to say that he wants “a cure” for various diseases using aborted unborn baby body parts. Gutfeld took Rivera to task for his callous comments telling Rivera that he hopes he lives a long life “on the backs of dead fetuses.”

A number of years ago, I watched an interview that Geraldo Rivera did with an abortion clinic owner. I think it was a 20/20 episode when Geraldo was working for ABC with Barbara Walters.

Geraldo was holding a small glass vial that contained a small aborted baby. He held it up to the clinic owner’s face and said, “This sure looks like a baby.” The clinic owner turned her face away.

Why did she turn away? Because Geraldo was right; what she wouldn’t look at looked like a baby because it was a baby.

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Apparently a lot has changed for Geraldo since then. He describes what he considers to be a “good abortion,” that is, a procedure that snuffs the life out of an unborn baby:

“You know what a good abortion is? A good abortion is in a clean place where the woman’s health is protected as opposed to a back alley – as opposed to a back alley where the woman dies where some butcher cutting her to pieces. Why do you think we’ve got Roe v. Wade and the rest of this….This is baloney.”

As long as killing an unborn baby takes place in a clean place, Geraldo is OK with the procedure…


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