Georgia’s Republican Governor is a Coward, a Traitor and a Disgrace to the GOP

By this point, I’ve written enough negative commentary about my beloved home state’s Governor, Nathan Deal, that most of you should know that I am not a fan. The man is a Southern Democrat in the vein of an ‘old school’ Jimmy Carter, and just because today there is an “R” after his name, it doesn’t mean that he’s actually embraced Republican values. Far from it, in fact. Nathan Deal is as pro-government, anti-liberty as he ever was as a Democrat, and he’s proven it on a number of occasions as Governor.

In his decision to veto HB 757, a bill that would have protected Pastors and churches from trivial lawsuits brought by fascists in the gay lobby, Governor Deal has sided with the left against the Constitution. In fact, the bill would not have blocked any of the currently en vogue liberal gay agenda items; no, it “would merely offer a bare minimum of legal protections to Georgia citizens who are already confronting anti-Christian bigotry and discrimination.”

The National Review went so far as to call Governor Deal a “malicious coward,” and I could not agree more. He is a malicious coward, a spineless traitor, and an utter disgrace to conservatives and constitutionalists everywhere.

Presidential candidate [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) expressed his disappointment with Deal’s decision.

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“I thought that was very disappointing to see Gov. Deal of Georgia side with leftist activists and side against religious liberty. It used to be, political parties, we would argue about marginal tax rates and you could have disagreements about what the level of taxation should be. But on religious liberty, on protecting the rights of every American to practice, live according to our faith, live according to our conscience, we all came together. That ought to be a bipartisan commitment and I was disappointed not to see Gov. Deal not defend religious liberty.”

Georgia GayIowa conservative talk radio host Steven Deace says it well:

I truly loathe and despise moral cowards and betrayers like Georgia Governor Nathan Deal wearing my own jersey much more than those I disagree with on the other side. For Deal to sick the Rainbow Jihad on pastors and churches in his own state the day after Easter would make Judas smile if he wasn’t already rotting in Hell.

Like Pence a year ago, and the current GOP leadership in Congress, Deal is yet another example I will be throwing in the faces of those who continue to say “but you have to vote for our GOP sellout, because getting screwed by the GOP is far more favorable than taking it from the Democrats.”

How about I promise you this. I’m fully committed to repaying the GOP the same level of loyalty it gives me. I can’t be any more fair than that.

The Reverend Franklin Graham was equally disappointed by Governor Deal’s cowardice.

Republican Governor Nathan Deal has sold out the state of Georgia. By vetoing the Free Exercise Protection Act this morning, he warmly welcomed the LGBT community and in effect told people of faith that they take second place. House Bill 757 would have protected pastors from having to perform same-sex marriages and would have protected churches from being forced to use their facilities for ceremonies against their religious beliefs. This conservative governor has caved in to pressure from the NFL and major corporations and is now a part of backing the LGBT agenda. This is a dark hour in Nathan Deal’s long political career. Let him know your disappointment and concern by writing him at:

Steve Berman at the Resurgent worries that Deal’s decision will now irrevocably swing Georgia into the blue state category.

Gov. Nathan Deal has just handed Georgia over to Democrats.

He vetoed the latest, most watered-down version of a religious freedom protection bill, HB 757. In fact, the bill mainly offers “pastor protection” not a sweeping overwatch for corporations and other individuals.

Liberals are jubilant over their victory in Georgia, and conservatives are rightly angry that they’ve once again been stabbed in the back by the GOP establishment. However, anyone who is surprised by the actions of our traitorous leaders simply hasn’t been paying attention.

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